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Controls Engineering Services

Controls Engineering Management:
We understand that our customers generally prefer to manage their own projects; but we also know that often times there are not enough qualified resources to go around. We have personnel on staff that can supplement or even become your project managers and engineers. Our experience enables us to participate in all phases of your projects. Our expertise is inclusive of all areas listed below.

If your company is mechanically based or lacks the required staffing and needs help putting together a process that is technically sound, economical to develop and build, and meets all of the end users specifications we can work with your proposal or mechanical engineers to:

  • Support your simultaneous engineering effort.
  • Develop a system or station architecture.
  • Work with your proposal engineers to assist you with your critical proposal documents.
  • Develop bid packages to assist you in acquiring supplier pricing that is rock solid and more resistant to unanticipated and expensive extra cost items.
  • Development of the Sequence of Operation document.
  • Develop a comprehensive “Controls Bill of Material” that meets the technical goals of the project and the specifications of the “End User”.
  • Help you develop accurate and reasonable time lines.
  • Manage outside suppliers.
  • Attend customer meetings.
  • Prepare weekly reports per your requirements.
  • Manage a staff of designers.
  • Write technical manuals.
  • Manage buyoffs and punch lists.
  • Prepare Final Documentation.

We will act as your employee. Our goal is to make you look good and make your project a technical and financial success. We will work to ensure that your machine is designed and built on time.

Design, Debug & Installation:
Controls system design is our core business. Although most designs are for new systems, we also specialize in machine retrofits. Design is primarily made up of the following components:

  • Hardware Design
  • Fluid Power Design
  • Software Design
  • Debug or Commissioning (at your facility)
  • Installation (at the "End User’s" facility)

Hardware Design and Fluid Power Design:
Our hardware design staff works primarily in Auto-cad (all versions) and it is our goal to provide you with safe and value added designs done on time but more importantly, done right. Our engineers know and will design to the latest specifications, ANSI, NFPA, NEC, and all automotive standards. Our designs always incorporate dual channel, control reliable components and circuitry, usually Category III or better. We emphasize a single point lockout methodology into our systems that often incorporate safety gates, safety mats, pull cords, two hand control circuits, overtravel switches, and light curtains. We have utilized all the major I/O bus systems in our designs (Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus S, ASI, etc.). We can design your lockout placards as well.
Retrofits must include a machine audit. We will always field check retrofits and cross reference the drawings to the software to insure design accuracy, eliminating surprises at installation.
Software Design:
We pride ourselves on our software design services. Whether we are writing programs for a single machine or a full system, logical structure, ease of use, full capability in “Manual Mode”, comprehensive diagnostics, and fully commented programs are “Standard”. We can write software from scratch or faithfully follow your guidelines. We have experience with all major controllers and HMI’s and can support all communication protocols.
Debug (Commissioning) and Installation:
We are a turnkey supplier of Control Systems and we expect to follow-up our designs by sending the same personnel that wrote the software to your facility to debug it. This insures that the design intent established during the planning stages of the project is followed through to completion. Installation and final integration at the “End User’s” facility is no exception. The same personnel will be assigned to this final phase of the project. We understand that you want to get your equipment fully functional as quickly as possible. It is always our intent to get the machines qualified rapidly. We will always assign professionals that well represent our company and yours. While in the field, we will take direction only from you, our customer

Machine Vision:
Machine Vision is becoming more and more prevalent on the factory floor. Its uses include dimensional measurement, part location, assembly verification, and part identification. We want to fill all of your vision needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Feature Detection
  • Vision systems can detect features quickly, with great repeatability and accuracy. Operators can fatigue and fail to witness minute details. And if a part requires the inspection of several details, manual inspection becomes the weak link in your manufacturing process. A properly applied vision system insures fast, consistent, and cost effective inspection of your most critical operations.
  • Part Inspection
  • Applications can be developed to inspect multiple aspects of your parts. We can monitor the presence, placement, and dimensions of holes, slots, gear teeth, or any other critical feature. Assembled parts can be checked for “squareness” or machined surfaces can be reviewed for proper machining.
  • 2D Datamatrix
  • Traceability and error proofing are an essential element in any assembly process. A camera trained to recognize a 2d datamatrix laser etched or pinstamped onto your parts can provide a your system with a “bulletproof” process.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Often parts are identified with “human readable” characters and do not include bar codes or 2d matrices. We can train your vision system to read these characters and maintain the integrity of your process.

We are intimate with and have experience integrating all of the following vision manufacturers.

We can supplement your work force with experienced controls professionals. We understand your needs and will supply only resources that can efficiently complete your most important assignments. Short or long term needs are easily accommodated.

Here is a list of personnel available:

Project Managers
Project Engineers
Hardware Designers
Software Designers
Autocad Detailers
I/O and Communications Checkout Personnel
Startup and Service Personnel

Other Services Available Through Corporate Affiliations:
Our customers are often looking for “Turnkey” systems where all the project needs can be purchased from one source. This allows you to capture all of your project costs up front while limiting risk.

We have confidently provided the following services through our affiliates.

Mechanical design
Panel build
Machine piping and wiring